A cultural & Creative Haven In Ljubljana, Slovenia 

SkaterMetelkova is a cultural center located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It has been serving the community since 1993 by providing artists, entertainers, activists and others in need with a space to work towards achieving their goals. The cultural and historical background of Metelkova is rich, inspiring, and unique: it is one of the few artistic collectives of its kind in Europe and arguably the most famous. 

To view Metelkova’s official website, click here. Parts of their website are not in English.

Mission statement

A message from the creators...

We are a group of 16 students advised by two professors from Goucher College, located in Baltimore, Maryland. This website is the assignment for our three week Intensive Course Abroad program in Ljubljana. We have differing reasons for choosing this ICA but we all have an interest in alternative media in some form or another. None of the 16 of us has ever been to the country before and only a few of us had extensive knowledge about Slovenia or Metelkova prior to coming here. This website is not meant to be the definitive source on Metelkova, only a spring board for English- speakers who wish to know more about it.

Most of our information about Metelkova is derived from interviews with English-speaking persons involved in various aspects of the space. Therefore our knowledge of Metelkova comes from their opinions and stories, which are not necessarily facts. Although this website consists of predominantly positive information, some of the interviews cast Metelkova in a negative light. We are aware of our inherent biases and potential flaws in our research techniques. Overall, we urge readers to view this site and Metelkova with open minds, as well as to visit Ljubljana themselves.

trip reflections

a blog highlighting student experiences...

If you are interested in hearing the students’ individual accounts and experiences of Metelkova and their trip in general, please follow their blog at You will be able to pose questions and comments as well as get in touch with individual students. For more information, please see the "Contact Us" tab on the right hand side of the website.

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