Photo Gallery

A cultural & Creative Haven In Ljubljana, Slovenia 

SkaterThis collection of photos is separated into several categories; the galleries represent themes that emerge within Metelkova. There are also more images of several of our interview subjects. Ambient noise has been paired with these images to communicate a more accurate representation of this unique space.

“The significance of Metelkova lies in its very organic structure, the way how it exists and acts. Everything that in the world of applicable logic and hermetic hierarchy appears to be chaotic, meaningless and waste-like can, in places like Metelkova, constitute itself as a mirror image of our complex civilization consciousness. Our consciousness is not only made of what we want and like…it is also made of what we do not like and are afraid of." 

– Aleksij Kobal

Metelkova at night

night time in metelkova...

Night Time Metelkova Photo Gallery

Bodies of Metelkova

people and parts of people's parts...

Bodies of Metelkova


without extermination...

Graffiti of Metelkova Photo Gallery


combo platter...

Unmentionables of Metelkova Photo Gallery


a "sketchy" view of metelkova...

Sketches of Metelkova Photo Gallery

"Metelkova lives in ourselves, in each individual, this is why we try to preserve it through artistic activities. Each work of art, including things like a grill processed as a mosaic, adds to the comprehension of this idea. It is here that I am faced with another kind of beauty, which is far from the established artistic comfort and, hence, much more direct.” – Aleksij Kobal

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