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This section provides the discussions that were conducted with individuals involved with Metelkova. All of the material provided has been recorded and displayed on this site with full permission of the persons featured. Short backgrounds are given for each individual, along with audio clips from the interviews.

Jadranka Ljubičič

curator of galerija alkatraz

Mor Jadranka Ljubičič came to Ljubljana to study art history at the University of Ljubljana. Jadranka has been involved with Metelkova since 1995 as a visitor, and has worked in the Galerija Alkatraz since 1999. Later that year, she and Bojana Piskur became curators of the gallery and opened the space to artists outside of the Metelkova community. 

Her hope for the gallery is that the artists involved will work with the gallery as a physical space, just as the physicality of Metelkova has been an important facet of its artistic strength. Two of the major themes within the Galerija Alkatraz are political and social criticism. 

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"Metelkova is really important public space in the city."

“We want to be the gallery who will give opportunity to young people.”

Jaka Mihelič

custom bicycle creator  and studio renter


Jaka Mihelič has been involved with Metelkova since 1993, first as a visitor and then doing volunteer maintenance and welding in Klub Gromka. In 2004, he obtained his studio space inside Pesci and began his custom bike trade.
He discusses the history and progress of Metelkova, the threat of a legalized Metelkova, and his custom bicycle business.

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“I just want to work, I don’t give a shit about politics.”

mor segal

coordinator of galerija mizzart

MorMor Segal co-runs Galerija Mizzart, a café and second hand shop in Pesci. She has been in Slovenia for three years, and has co-run Galerija Mizzart for two years. She discovered Metelkova through her boyfriend, who has been active within Metelkova from the beginning. Mor discusses the history and goals of her shop and the space’s previous uses. She also discusses the future of Galerija Mizzart, and the Metelkova community’s youth population, and the differences between night and day in Metelkova.

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         “For me, it was magic to get here”


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