watching metelkova...

      As a dynamic and unpredictable place, it is essential that Metelkova be seen with movement. In addition to our photo gallery, please experience our video gallery.

“I associate my own creativity with both the people and the place making up the cultural image of Metelkova mesto. This is where I can find the place for thinking freely.” – Robert Ograjensek

Metelkova Music Video

Sights of the community...

A sampling of the art installed around Metelkova, set to the Music of Antenat, "Mr. Badman."

what does metelkova mean to you

finding meaning...

As we searched for the meaning of the space, we began by asking visitors, "What does Metelkova mean to you?"


the spirit of the age...

The original generation of Metelkova responds to questions about Metelkova's younger visitors.

getatchew mekuria 

artistic experimentation and a lot of noise...

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Getatchew Mekuria is an Ethiopian saxophonist. He has been collaborating with the Dutch band The Ex since 2006. This footage is from a performance at Gala Hala.

Tour of Metelkova

Space and Opinions...

A video introduction to Metelkova created by Lacontroverse.

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