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miha zadnikar

concert and event organizer

MihaMiha Zadnikar has been involved with Metelkova from the night it was squatted. For approximately five years he ran Klub Gromka; he is in his tenth year of organizing concerts, mostly for Klub Gromka, where he often features experimental and avant-garde bands. Miha discusses what led to squatting Metelkova, the night Metelkova was squatted in December of 1993, the changes within Metelkova over the years, and another Ljubljana squat, ROG.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

“As we learned from history, nothing happens when you are in crisis; it happens immediately after.”

nina cvar

skratova citalnica worker


Nina Cvar began working at Skratova Citalnica, a library inside a bus behind Pesci, about a year ago. She was familiar with Metelkova before a friend asked her to work in Skratova Citalnica. Nina also developed a film school that focuses on alternative theory. It has seminars, workshops, and a lecture series. Nina discusses the history of Skratova Citalnica, its operation, and its online features, as well as other Metelkova organizations, and youth involvement in social movements.

"The students of social studies come here because some of the topics are not covered in formal institutions."


community member

Bobby has been involved in the Metelkova community since he was 17 years old. Bobby discusses younger generations in Metelkova, history and personal memories of Metelkova, Hostel Celica, government involvement, and misconceptions about Metelkova.

Check out the video page for a short piece featuring Bobby at the end.

“It’s a very peaceful place actually, looks rough, but it's very peaceful. It means freedom.”

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