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miriam's night out

first impressions by a goucher student

MiriamMiriam, a Goucher student, describes one of her first nights in Metelkova after going to Klub Monokel for a gothic dance night, as well as to Klub Gromka and Jalla Jalla.

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anrea pirovano

artist in residence


Anrea Pirovano, here for an artist residency, has been in Metelkova several months. Recently, he completed a large rat graffiti project. Originally from Italy, he found out about Metelkova’s artist residency through artist friends, though he had been to Metelkova before when he was performing with his band last year. He discusses being chosen for the artist residency program, the music and art scene in Metelkova, the nightlife versus the workday in Metelkova, places like Metelkova in other cities, the origins of his ideas for art in Metelkova, and the street art in and outside of Metelkova.

View Anrea's photo gallery.

“Every city should have a kind of decompression…where people can just be freer than out there.”

andrej pavlisic

activist involved with infoshop (among other places and projects)

Andrej Pavlisic has been involved in political alternative movements for ten years. He has worked for the last two years in the Infoshop in Metelkova. He discusses why he is involved with the Infoshop, the politics of Metelkova and Slovenia, and the possible legalization of Metelkova. He also talks about anarchist  movements in European autonomous zones, and Ljubljana's other squat, Rog.

“I’m here because I see infoshop as a political place and I think that Metelkova also needs a place like this.”

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